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Projected shortage of 200,000 Software Developers in the US per year. Explore friendshoring opportunities with us.
Latin American universities lead global rankings, producing more than 600,000 IT Specialists yearly.
US & Latin America time zone alignment enables real-time interaction, facilitating the seamless coordination of software projects.
Go beyond nearshoring and embrace the friendshoring model: Opt for stability, mitigate global risks, foster mutually beneficial ties.
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DigiTech at a Glance

DigiTech is a premier IT Talent provider, committed to empowering companies in cutting-edge domains such as Salesforce, AI, Analytics, Automation, and Data Integration.

Our mission is clear: drive your business’s technological evolution by fostering innovation and efficiency through our expertly curated talent solutions.

Company Highlights

Key Differentiators

  • Expertise in highly regulated industries (telecom, finance, healthcare, and others).

  • Pure play in data and transformational IT.

  • Nearshore Staff Augmentation services provided through the Friendshoring model.

  • Leading-edge technologies, methods, and tools with proven experience in developing practices for emerging tech (ML. Data Cloud, and others).

  • Mature human and staff development processes.

How We Do It

What We Do

Our portfolio of solutions and services resolve needs in four key areas of your business:

  • Delighting your customers.

  • Enabling data flow through your business.

  • Improving your back office performance.

  • Capitalizing on your data.

Enhancing Collaboration Through Global Proximity

Proximity is critical to ensure smooth project development and foster effective collaboration.

Time zone alignment between the US., Mexico, and Colombia enhances communication efficiency, fostering real-time interactions throughout the day.

Friendshoring IT to Latam

Latin American universities occupy the top spots worldwide year after year.

These institutions graduate more than 600.000 specialists in IT-related programs.



Tec de Monterrey


Universidad Nacional de la Plata

Universidad de Buenos Aires


Universidad de los Andes

Universidad Nacional

Universidad de Antioquia

Universidad Javeriana

Our specialists master the IT technologies developed by our partners:

Clients Speak: Our Success Stories

Trust DigiTech, Your Expert Friendshoring Partner

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